Why business with a professionnal cleaning company is different?

Our team makes things easier assuring constant sparkling clean installations for you and your customers to enjoy.

A professional cleaning company at your service

Enjoy less hassle with our tailor-made commercial cleaning ; the service you can count on !

Entretien Ménager à Vos Besoins enr. is a newly established professionnal cleaning company formerly known as Ménage à Trois enr. For the last 15 years our cleaning teams have provided cleaning services to well-established companies such as TVA Productions Studios and Mel's Studios.

Our success is based on our professionalism and the high quality of the services we offer. We take care of your offices and buildings making them shine while you’re away. Your satisfaction is guaranteed time after time. We hold the highest quality and confidentiality standards. Clients references are always available on demand.

All our employees are insured and members of the CSST respecting the guidelines established by Comité paritaire de l'entretien d'édifices publics

professionnal cleaning company in montreal

The cleaning product we use are certified UL EcoLogo

We generaly use the client's provided cleaning products to accomplish our establishment cleaning duty. When we are given the choice to use our cleaning products, we always go with Avmor's clean futur range of products with UL EcoLogo certification.More than 50 of Avmor’s cleaning solutions are UL EcoLogo certified. UL EcoLogo is a third party certification with product specific regulations that was founded by Environment Canada in 1988. In order to receive certification, a product must undergo scientific testing at various stages of manufacturing and undergo audits to prove its compliance with precise performance standards. Avmor offers a diverse range of UL EcoLogo certified products comprised of 11 categories of solutions:

  • Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Hard Floor Care Products
  • Disinfectants
  • Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds
  • Drain and/or Grease Trap Additives – Biologically-Based
  • Hand Cleaners – Industrial and Institutional
  • Odour Control Additives – Alternative
  • Personal Care Products for Hand Soaps
  • Urinal Blocks

Benefits of using the Avmor Program and Green Cleaning Solutions include:

Reducing eye and skin irritation, decreased health and environmental risks (by choosing products free of VOCs), reducing phosphate pollution, and improving indoor air quality by choosing environmentally preferable cleaning solutions;

More positive work environment and living space for employees and tenants of your building;

Adding to the integrity of your building or workplace by making environmentally and socially responsible choices;

Improving your bottom line by choosing Avmor products that are priced competitively;

Increasing the lifespan of your facility.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the most frequent questions we get concerning our commercial cleaning services and our response and answers.

Does your cleaning company have liability insurance?

Of course! Our insurances will cover any damage to your establishment and material done by a rare mistake of one of our employee. You can rest assured that our team will rapidly fix the issue.

Can we require to have a certain cleaning service done at a certain time?

Definitely! We adapt our services to your needs and work only for you when it suits you best.

Can we hire your services only once or only in case of an emergency?

Yes! The 24/7 emergecy service of our cleaning company is ready for you and we can setup circumstantial cleanup sessions as you need us to.

If we already have cleaning devices for floor cleaning, can you use them?

We can! Our team is made of multiple qualified specialists who can use your cleaning machine or your cleaning products. Make sure you mention this in your application so we can assign the best employee for your work.

Are the cleaning products safe for health? A-We only use products that are safe for the environment and approved by Health Canada.

Really safe. We only provide products approved by Santé Canada and UL EcoLogo certified.

And about the ceiling , light fixtures and fans ?

We offer special care treatment for you fans, vents and lighting on demand. With Entretien Ménager À Vos Besoins, no surface is left untouched!